BOOST - Idea Competition

Thursday, February 28, 2019 The event started -645 days ago

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Innovate Huntsville presents Boost - Ideas Unleased

February 28th / 6PM / HudsonAlpha

What is Boost?

Boost is an idea competition designed to challenge, inspire and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs to ideate, create and launch new ventures.

If you have an idea that can positively impact lives - whether its B2B, B2C, social, enterprise, an app or anything else you can articulate in a 5 minute pitch - we want to hear it!

Boost is FREE to all participants and attendees.

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Event Leads

D.S. Davidson Invention to Innovation Center, BizTech, Rise, HundsonAlpha, and Urban Engine


1. Who can pitch?

Any individual (or teams) with great ideas that have NOT been incorporated into a formal venture / business.

2. What does it cost to pitch or attend the event?


3. What’s at stake?

Up to $3,000 in cash, mentorship and bragging rights.

4. How do you enter to pitch?

Complete the entry form and submit your 60 seconds video here. The deadline to apply is Feb 20th so get cracking!

5. What’s the Judging process?

Judging of entries will consist of two steps. First, an independent panel of judges will be asked to review and score all entries based on our scoring rubric. This includes both written submissions and submitted videos. Second, the top 5 entries will be invited to pitch their idea in a final competition before a panel of judges. During the final competition, the judges panel will have the opportunity to vote on the best ideas.

6. What are some examples of ideas?

Boost is open to any idea that complies with these rules. To aid participants in selecting an idea for the competition, consider the following:

Products or Services: Do you have an idea for a new product or service that meets some need in the marketplace? Alternatively, select an existing product or service and provide an idea about how it could be improved.

Social or “Green” Concerns: Do you have any ideas that will improve society in some way? Ideas for this category include those that help the environment and those that help address social issues.

Ideas that generate Artistic Value: Do you have ideas that will engage more people in the arts? This category is for ideas that would create artistic value in terms of increasing appreciation for the arts and their importance in society. Do you have ideas for making art more accessible or ideas for commercializing art?

Commercial Applications of Research Projects: Are you working on a research project at work or school? Do you have ideas for a commercial product or service related to your work?

Other ideas? Any idea qualifies for this competition, so do not let these examples limit your creativity!

7. What’s the judging criteria?

Judges and participants will be asked to consider the following criteria for scoring and in considering their votes:

Identification and Definition of the Problem / Opportunity: Has the problem/opportunity been described in a clear and convincing manner?

Value Creation: Is this an original idea? How innovative is the idea?

Feasibility of the Solution / Idea: Does the idea create economic or social value? Is the value sufficiently higher than the resources cost (cost-benefit-ratio)?

Implementation of Solution / Idea: How practical is the idea when it comes to implementation? How easily can barriers be overcome?

Impact of the Solution / Idea: What’s the size of the population that will be impacted? What’s the level of impact that the idea will have on the identified problem/opportunity?

8. What are the important dates to remember?

Idea submission deadline – Feb 20th – Submit your entry

First judging round – Feb 20th – Feb 25th

Finalists announced – Feb 25th

Final pitch competition – Feb 28th, 6pm @ HudsonAlpha

9. What is the format for the final pitch competition?

To determine a winner the top 5 teams from first round will compete in a final competition to be held on Feb 28th at HudsonAlpha. The finalists will be asked to perform a live 5 minute pitch followed by a 2 min Q/A session. The winners will be determined by an independent panel of judges.

10. What is the format for the pitch deck?

Participants selected for the final round have to submit their pitch deck in PowerPoint format by Feb 27th. Sample pitch deck

11. Is there any mentorship available to participants?

Yes. Contact for additional details.

Interested in pitching your idea?

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