Government Contractors: Winning Proposals

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 The event started -315 days ago

10:00 AM 3:00 PM

Off campus

Huntsville Madison County Chamber, 225 Church Street NW, Huntsville, AL 35801

Are you ready to increase your win rate, eliminate challenges and obstacles, boost efficiency at bidding, and stop the cycle of reinventing the wheel? If so, you are not alone! Government contractors tend to continuously reinvent the proposal process, spending a lot of time, money, and effort. The truth is, mastering the components of a winning proposal isn’t difficult – yet very few government contractors can do it. 

Join Brent Paris, Founder and Chairman of BID DESIGNS, for an exciting master class sharing the secrets of proposal success. With 22 years of experience, Brent will provide an insider's perspective to help you master the art of winning government bids. Sandy Allbee, President & Chief Compliance Officer of BID DESIGNS, will also share the top compliance secrets of Government RFPs to ensure your proposal is compliant every time!

This powerful session is presented in two parts and will cover:

  •         The Foundations and Building Blocks of Proposals that Win.
  •         The Top 5 Secrets Winning GOVCONS Apply.
  •         Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Proposal Development.
  •         Ensuring a Winning Strategy and Solution is the Basis of All Writing.
  •         Guaranteeing You Never Submit (and Get Eliminated for) a Non-Compliant Proposal.
  •         Optimizing All of Your Proposal Resources. 

Part 1:  Master the Proposal Fundamentals

Developing proposals in response to Government solicitations can be a confusing, time consuming and stressful process. This session is designed to dissect the proposal process, establish fundamental practices and procedures, and deliver a real world-based presentation of the ins and outs of proposal development. We will clearly present key success factors, pitfalls to avoid and provide experience-based guidance to do the right things early to ensure your proposal is a success!

Topics include:

  •         Understanding the Federal Acquisition Process.
  •         Today’s Proposal Trends and Critical Success Factors.
  •         Understanding and Ensuring Proposal Compliance.
  •         The Effective Proposal Process.
  •         Conducting Color Reviews for Optimal Results.

Part 2:  Master the Art of Achieving the Highest Evaluation Scores

Developing proposals in response to Government solicitations can be a confusing, time consuming and stressful process. Once you have conquered the basics provided in Part 1 of our series, you are ready to move forward to developing a winning solution that sells. This session provides expert insight into customer understanding, competitive analysis, and writing to the only people that matter- the evaluators- and convincing them that you have the solution with the highest value and lowest risk. Further, we will share how to bid on more proposals without breaking the bank in the process!

Topics include:

  • Establishing Customer Understanding and Needs.
  • Evaluating Your Competitors.
  • Devising Win Themes and Win Strategies.
  • Writing an Evaluator-Focused Response.
  • Structuring Resources to Bid More Often and Bid More Effectively.

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