Q. What is the UAH Ethics Hotline?
A. The UAH Ethics Hotline is a safe, anonymous way to ask questions or report concerns about unethical or unlawful work-related behavior that you are not comfortable discussing with your supervisor, the Office of Human Resources or a designated compliance officer. You can report online here or by phone at 1-866-362-9476.


Q. Why does UAH have an Ethics Hotline?
A. The Ethics Hotline was implemented as an additional mechanism for the reporting of unethical and unlawful behavior - and to ensure that if people are not comfortable discussing these matters with their supervisors, they have a way to raise or report concerns anonymously, through an outside third party.


Q. Who can use the UAH Ethics Hotline?
A. The UAH Ethics Hotline is designed for use by all members of the UAH community


Q. When can I use the UAH Ethics Hotline?
A. The hotline is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by trained professionals who take calls and ensure reports are made to appropriate university personnel for follow-up. Report online here or by phone at 1-866-362-9476.


Q. What type of concerns should I report to the UAH Ethics Hotline?
A. You can call the UAH Ethics Hotline or file a report online if you have questions or concerns about possible violations of legal or ethical standards. Report concerns related to areas such as:

  • Misuse of funds
  • Conflict of interest
  • Record-keeping
  • Conduct of research activities and research administration
  • Data privacy
  • Scientific misconduct
  • Theft
  • Fraud

Please keep in mind that UAH has alternative mechanisms for employees to use to report human resources-related issues. Any such issue, including any complaint of discrimination or harassment, should be brought to the attention of your supervisor, another supervisor in your department, or a representative of the Office of Human Resources.


Q. Who receives calls made to the UAH Ethics Hotline/reports made online?
A. The hotline is administered by The Network, Inc., a third-party organization that has provided confidential hotlines for nearly 25 years. TNI employees are trained in interviewing techniques and documenting information by phone and online. All TNI employees sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements as a condition of their employment.


Q. How does the UAH Ethics Hotline work?
A. When you call the toll-free number, a TNI employee will gather specific information from you related to the reported activity. You may be asked additional questions that are specific to UAH or the nature of the incident.


Q. What happens after I call the UAH Ethics Hotline?
A. After a brief pre-recorded message that allows the caller to select his or her preferred language, the call is immediately routed to the best available Interview Specialist speaking the preferred language. The Interview Specialist will ask a series of questions to build a report and then send the report to UAH.


Q. How do I file a report online with the UAH Ethics Hotline?
A. Click on "File a Report Online." This will take you to The Network, Inc.'s secure Web Reporting System. After reading the information provided there, click on "Begin a New Report." The system will provide directions on how to fill out the form.


Q. What happens after I file the online form?
A. Once you submit a report, it is downloaded and an incident report is built and sent to UAH. You will be given an incident report number so that you can add information to the report and/or follow up on your report's status at a later date.


Q. Will I be disciplined or reprimanded in any way because I made a report to the UAH Ethics Hotline?
A. No. UAH will not retaliate against any employee who reports any concern in good faith.


Q. Can I be assured that my call(s) will remain anonymous and confidential?
A. Yes. At no time will your call to the UAH Ethics Hotline be traced or tape-recorded. In addition, UAH will not attempt to determine the identity of any anonymous caller. However, it is important to understand that the information you provide may be the basis for an investigation by UAH, and that your identity may be inadvertently discovered during the course of that investigation. Even if that happens, UAH will not retaliate against any employee who reports any concern in good faith.


Q. Can I use the UAH Ethics Hotline telephone option if I am hearing impaired?
A. Yes, TNI supports hearing-impaired individuals who subscribe to a TTY translation service.


Q. Can I use the UAH Ethics Hotline if English is not my primary language?
A. TNI's telephone service is available in 150 languages to support the UAH Ethics Hotline.