Engineering freshmen start off their academic program in what we call the Common First Year.  For the common first year, students take math, science, composition, engineering fundamentals, and Charger Foundation electives. Students are placed in their math, science and composition classes based on their ACT/SAT scores, Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) test scores, Dual-Enrollment credit, and/or UAH Placement Test scores.

Math Placement

MA 171 - Calculus A is the first credit-bearing mathematics course for all engineering degree programs.  Students are placed into MA 171 in one of the following ways:

  • Earned an ACT Math score of 27 or higher or a SAT Math score of 600 or higher
  • Completed a college-level course on Precalculus with Trigonometry (MA 113 or equivalent) through a Dual-Enrollment program
  • Take the UAH Math Placement test and score 75% or higher

All students that do not meet one of these requirements for MA 171 - Calculus A will be placed in one of the Precalculus courses, MA 112L, MA 112, or MA 113 according to the Math Placement Guide.  

All students who are not placed in MA 171 - Calculus A should take the UAH Math Placement Test.  UAH uses MyMathTest, which is an on-line, interactive testing program that students can use at home.  Instructions for registering and taking the UAH Math Placement Test may be found here.

NOTE:  Students who have taken either the AP or IB test for Calculus may earn credit for MA 171 - Calculus A and MA 172 - Calculus B regardless of their other test scores.

Chemistry Placement

CH 121 - General Chemistry I is the first credit-bearing chemistry course and is required for all engineering degree programs.  The student's math placement determines their chemistry placement as follows:

  • Students who are placed in MA 113 - Precalculus with Trigonometry or higher may enroll in CH 121 - General Chemistry I
  • Students who are placed in MA 112 or MA 112L may take CH 101 - Introduction to Chemistry.

It is important to note that CH 101 does not satisfy any degree requirements.  If you do not wish to take CH 101, you can wait and take CH 121 when you are ready to take MA 113.

NOTE:  Students who have taken either the AP or IB test for Chemistry may earn credit for CH 121 regardless of their math placement.

Freshman Composition Placement

Students are placed into Freshman Composition according to their ACT or SAT Verbal Score as follows:

  • ACT Verbal score of 20 or higher or SAT Verbal score of 490 or higher are placed in EH 101 - Freshman Composition I.
  • ACT Verbal score lower than 20 or SAT Verbal score lower than 490 are placed in EH 101S - Freshman Composition with Studio

Students placed in EH 101 or EH 101S earn credit towards their degree program and upon completion will be eligible to take EH 102 - Freshman Composition II.

NOTE:  Students who have taken either the AP or IB test for English may earn credit for EH 101 (and EH 102) regardless of their composition placement.