UAH Student Conduct Board


The Student Conduct Board shall have original jurisdiction over all cases of student misconduct not falling within the original jurisdiction of the Publications Board.  Each student and staff member shall serve on the Student Conduct Board for a period of two years (or until a successor is appointed), beginning June 1 each year.  The term of each faculty member elected by the Faculty Senate shall be two years.  The Graduate Dean shall determine the terms of the appointed graduate faculty.  Whenever possible, terms of office shall be staggered so that the term of 1/2 of the members shall expire each year.  Any individual shall be eligible to serve successive terms.  No student who is on academic probation or who has been found guilty of misconduct shall be eligible to serve on the Student Code of Conduct Board.  A student who becomes ineligible while serving a current term shall resign or be removed by the Dean of Students.  Vacancies in any Student Conduct Board position shall be filled in the same manner as provided above in regard to the original appointment.  The Vice President of Academic Affairs shall have the authority to make an interim student or staff appointment if necessary to facilitate the operation of the Student Conduct Board.  Three members of the Student Conduct Board shall constitute a quorum for a hearing.


Total 25


Two Years 


Six undergraduate students, appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs upon joint recommendations from the College Deans and the Student Government Association President.

Two graduate students appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs upon recommendation of the Dean of Graduate School.

Eight faculty members, elected by the Faculty Senate with one representative respectively from the Colleges of Engineering, Science, Nursing, Administrative Science, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences and the Library and two at-large faculty members.

Two graduate faculty members appointed by the Dean of Graduate School.

Six staff members, appointed by the President from among the University’s directors and assistant directors (or comparable positions) For complaints of misconduct by residents of University Housing occurring in or about the housing areas, either the Assistant Director or Resident Director, as selected by the Student Conduct Director shall serve as the Preliminary Action Officer.

For academic misconduct cases only the School and College Deans shall have membership in the Student Conduct Board in place of the staff members.


Elected from among the faculty membership of the Student Conduct Board by the members and shall serve one year, beginning June 1 and continuing through May 31, or until a successor is elected.  The Chair shall convene a meeting of the Student Conduct Board on or about May 1 each year for the purpose of electing a new chair.