UAH Faculty and Staff Discounts

Most CPS Professional Development Solutions courses are available to UAH faculty and staff at a standard 50% discount, based on space availability. Fees include all course materials, but exclude test vouchers. Vouchers may be purchased separately at regular price.

Each term, additional courses are selected for further discounts. Check back here for additional savings.

Questions? contact 256.824.4430.


QuickBooks Foundation 7 hours, $132.50

QuickBooks for Government Contractors 7 hours, $132.50

Data Science & Data Analytics

Basic Business Statistics 24 hours, $312.50

Data Analytics and Visualization 21 hours, $447.50

Fundamentals of Modern Data Analytics 21 hours,  $447.50

Introduction to Data Visualization Using Tableau 14 hours,  $447.50

Introduction to R Programming 14 hours,  $397.50

R Programming Fundamentals 14 hours, $397.50

Information Technology

Introduction to Python Programming 21 hours, $397.50

Advanced Python Programming21 hours, $397.50

C++ Programming 21 hours, $397.50

Advanced C++ Programming 21 hours, $397.50

Introduction to Java Programming 28 hours, $447.50

Java Programming Advanced Features 28 hours, $447.50

Using HTML and CSS3 21 hours, $247.50

JavaScript for Beginners 21 hours, $247.50

DevSecOps 14 hours,  $447.50

MATLAB for Engineers and Analysts 20 hours,  $447.50

The Power of PowerShell 21 hours,  $447.50

Introduction to SQL 140 hours,  $247.50

Leadership Development

Employee Management and Leadership 14 hours, $297.50

Emotional Intelligence 14 hours, $297.50

Leadership for Emerging Managers 7 hours, $197.50


Project Management Foundation 21 hours, $397.50

Project Scope, Cost and Schedule Management 21 hours, $397.50

Project Quality and Risk Management 21 hours, $397.50

Project Procurement and Contracting Management 21 hours, $397.50

Earned Value Management Essentials14 hours, $397.50

Earned Value Management Analysis and Reporting14 hours, $397.50

Integrated Baseline Review Preparation and Execution 14 hours, $397.50

CAPM Certification Bootcamp320 hours, $472.50

Strategic Decision Management 14 hours, $297.50

Federal Acquisition Concepts and Contract Types 21 hours, $397.50

Federal Contracting Advanced Topics21 hours, $397.50

Federal Costing for Acquisition and Performance 21 hours, $397.50

Federal Proposal Management 21 hours, $347.50

*Exam voucher cost NOT included in discount pricing.
Full price exam voucher available for separate purchase.


Nitrous Decomposition Hazards 4 hours, $224.25

Systems Thinking: Problem Solving Tools and Techniques 14 hours, $347.50

Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) Exam Bootcamp 14 hours, $397.50*

Opening the DOORS® to Requirements Management 21 hours, $472.50

Fundamentals of Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML 21 hours, $547.50

Requirements Development 14 hours, $397.50

Monte Carlo Simulation 14 hours, $397.50

Test and Evaluation Principles 14 hours, $347.50

Test Planning and Conduct 14 hours, $347.50

Test Evaluation and Assessment 14 hours, $347.50

Fundamentals of Modeling and Simulation 14 hours, $397.50

Applied System Design and Decision-Making 14 hours, $397.50

Developing Simulations 14 hours, $397.50

Simulation Verification, Validation, and Accreditation 14 hours, $397.50

System Validation and Verification 14 hours, $397.50

Systems Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation 14 hours, $397.50

Rocket Propulsion Fundamentals 12 hours, $347.50

Liquid Rocket Engineering 35 hours, $497.50

Combustion Instability in Solid Rockets 35 hours, $497.50

Advanced Solid Rocket Propulsion 40 hours, $397.50

Systems Engineering Overview 14 hours, $397.50

Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) Exam Bootcamp 14 hours, $347.50

Missile System Fundamentals 35 hours, $497.50

Professional Skills

Aerial Photography and Mapping for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) 14 hours,  $247.50

FAA Drone Pilot License Exam Prep 14 hours,  $197.50

Interior Design Fundamentals 20 hours,  $212.50

Design and Architecture 20 hours, $212.50

Design Development Practices 20 hours, $212.50

Fundamentals of Digital Interior Design 20 hours, $212.50

Interior Space Planning 20 hours, $212.50


A+ Exam Prep 28 hours, $708.75*

Security+ SYO-601 Certification Exam Prep 28 hours, $896.25*

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH™) Exam Prep 35 hours, $1646.25*

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) Exam Bootcamp 35 hours, $1646.25*

Network+ Exam Prep 28 hours, $896.25

*Exam voucher cost NOT included in discount pricing.
Full price exam voucher available for separate purchase.

Exam Preps

PMP® Certification Bootcamp 40 hours, $647.50*

Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) Exam Bootcamp14 hours, $397.50*

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH™) Exam Prep 35 hours,  $1097.50*

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) Exam Bootcamp 35 hours, $1097.50*

Certified Authorization Professional (CAP®) Exam Prep 28 hours, $647.50*

Security+ Exam Prep 28 hours, $597.50*

A+ Exam Prep 28 hours,  $477.50*

Network+ Exam Prep 28 hours, $597.50*

*Exam voucher cost NOT included in discount pricing.
Full price exam voucher available for separate purchase.

All courses are held in Wilson Hall on the UAH campus unless otherwise noted. After registering, please refer to your confirmation letter for room number.

Payment methods include credit card, check, or UAH budget transfer.
To register with the faculty/staff discount, phone 256.824.6010.

Cancellation Policy: Non-credit courses are self-supporting; therefore, classes are subject to cancellation if there is insufficient enrollment. In the event of a course cancellation, a student has the option of applying fees paid to another course or receiving a complete refund of the course fee.