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What Is Women's and Gender Studies?

As an area of scholarship, Women's and Gender Studies focuses on the contributions, perspectives, and experiences of women in all areas of human endeavor, including the status, portrayal, or achievements of women in areas such as art, history, literature, science, business, engineering, and medicine. The Women's and Gender Studies perspective exposes knowledge previously invisible in our intellectual environment and develops theoretical perspectives concerning these omissions. It also promotes greater understanding of gender as a fundamental category of meaning, examining the pervasive and often unacknowledged ways that gender shapes and changes our social institutions, individual knowledge, and interpersonal relationships.

To get a sense of the breadth and depth of Women's and Gender Studies, visit some of the over 400 websites for Women's and Gender Studies programs around the world!

The UAH Women's and Gender Studies Program is affiliated with the National Women's Studies Association, founded in 1977 as a professional organization committed to promoting the study of women and gender.

Graduates with a background in Women's and Gender Studies pursue a diverse range of careers. Read about some of our successful alumni from UAH Women's and Gender Studies.

The UAH Women's and Gender Studies Program, founded in 1995, has an inspiring history.