Fall 2019: EH 300/400-Level Courses

CRN 91333 305 01 INTRO TO ENGLISH MAJOR & MINOR, MW 09:40AM 11:00AM, Dr. Jeffrey Nelson

CRN 92609 305 02 INTRO TO ENGLISH MAJOR & MINOR, MW 02:40PM 04:00PM, Dr. Jeffrey Nelson

Y CRN 91335 336 01 SURVEY AMERICAN LITERATURE, MW 04:20PM 05:40PM, Dr. Holly Jones

CRN 91413 400 01 COMPOSITION STUDIES FOR TCHERS, TR 02:40PM 04:00PM, Dr. Gaines Hubbell

CRN 91415 401 01 THEORY & PRACTICE IN TECH COMM, T 05:50PM 08:40PM, Dr. Ryan Weber

CRN 93254 408 01 HISTORY OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE, TR 02:40PM 04:00PM, Dr. Joseph Taylor

CRN 91417 411 01 POETRY WRITING, M 05:50PM 08:40PM, Anna Weber

CRN 93161 424 01 POETRY AND POETICS, W 05:50PM 08:40PM, Dr. Anna Foy
Do you love poetry? Feel intimidated by it? Maybe you’re a poet yourself and want to learn more about the history of poetry in English, or maybe you’ve never written a line in your life. Whatever your situation, the most important prerequisite for this course is that you have at least smidgen of interest in learning to read verse confidently. The class is structured as a survey of British poetry from the seventeenth century to the early twentieth century and a practicum for learning to read poetry. Authors may include Donne, Marvell, Swift, Finch, Pope, Barbauld, Blake, Keats, Tennyson, Rossetti, and Eliot. Graduate students will be asked to contribute presentations on important twentieth-century interpretive trends and exciting recent scholarship taking place under such rubrics as “historical poetics.”

CRN 93162 448 01 THE BIBLE AS LITERATURE, M 05:50PM 08:40PM, Dr. Laurel Bollinger
The Bible’s unique place as the Western literary tradition’s central text has also given rise to a long history of careful academic study. This course introduces students to central texts within the Bible as well as their scholarly interpretations.


For more information, contact the English Department at eh@uah.edu or 256.824.6320.