The UAH Humanities Center offers grants for a wide range of activities. Look below at possible grant categories for your project. Click on the name of the grant program for application and guidelines.

Faculty Research Grants

Individual Research is funded in a variety of ways. The funds may be used to assist with travel expenses to special archives, to conduct interviews, and copy resource materials. The program is designed to be flexible, but does not include the purchasing of equipment. In some instances rental of specialized equipment may be included. The program is intended to assist faculty in eventual publication of articles, journals and books.

Public Programming Grants

Lectures, forums, symposia, and other public programs for special projects are funded in part or whole for the purpose of engaging the public, both the student body and the local community in the current academic issues being discussed among scholars. These grants may be applied for by individuals, groups or departments.

Library Enhancement Grants

These grants provide resource materials for students and faculty. Yearly requests for proposals are made to faculty giving them the opportunity to increase the library's holdings of materials in their specific academic subject. Students are encouraged to discuss possible acquisitions with faculty if they feel the library can benefit from materials not currently in its possession.

Faculty Travel Grants

These grants are awarded to full-time faculty of UAH to present papers, chair sessions or in some manner actively participate in public programs and/or scholarly reviews, outside the UAH community. 

Eminent Scholar Grants

These grants are awarded to any department or program providing the UAH community with the ability to invite humanities scholars and writers to the UAH campus. During the visit of a scholar, both faculty, students, and the general public, are afforded the opportunity to benefit from a visitor's unique experiences, scholarship, and work through multiple venues including: classroom participation, lectures, consultations, workshops, and participation in symposia. These grants are awarded continuously based on the availability of funds.

Matching Funds

These grants are requested as needed by faculty who have applied for external funding. Some external awards require the institution receiving the award to contribute a portion of the total cost of a project. These requests are reviewed on an individual basis and are awarded based on the type of project, the financial need and the availability of funds.