Mark Reiter

Mark Reiter

Hometown: Naperville, IL
Major: Finance

The UAH community is so welcoming. If you’re going to spend four years away at college, you might as well pick somewhere that feels like home.

Get to know Mark

Why UAH?

I wanted to attend a college in a city with several job opportunities. Completing an internship is one of the best ways to land a job after college. With Huntsville being home to the second largest research park in the nation, I knew there’d be tons of opportunities for me to intern while in school at UAH.

Advice for Admitted Students

Get involved! There are so many opportunities for students to get plugged in on campus, and getting involved will help you meet new people, make friends, and learn about your passions. I’m currently a member of the Residence Hall Association, Orientation team, and various intramural sports teams.

Favorite Thing About Huntsville

I love that Huntsville is a smaller city but still has the amenities of a big city. Coming from Chicago I was worried that Huntsville would be very quiet, but I was wrong. There’s always something going on around town. Enjoying live music and food truck events Downtown, attending hockey games at the Von Braun Center, going to comedy shows and grabbing coffee at Lowe Mill, and going hiking on the Land Trust are just some of the fun activities I enjoy in the Rocket City.