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Karla Liu


There are so many thrift shops to explore in Huntsville! I also love driving through Research Park and seeing the trees shade over the roads.

Get to know Karla

Why UAH?

I chose UAH due to the credibility of the engineering program and the scholarships that were offered to me.

Favorite Thing About UAH

I love that UAH is smaller university where I am able to see people around campus, and the friendships I make are more personal.


Huntsville is a big enough city for me that I'm never bored, and there's always something new to check out. Also, it's not incredibly far from home, so I can easily make a quick trip when needed.

Campus Involvement

I can safely say that the life I have made for myself at UAH was out of my own control and choices. I am able to live as a young adult, build long-lasting friendships, and fully learn from my mistakes. I've gained a lot of confidence and courage since joining my sorority, but UAH overall will always be a place I witnessed the significance of doing good.