master of science in kinesiology

Sports Science

Improving performance and making informed training decisions through scientific research and the collection/analysis of sport-specific data

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Bridge the gap between science and high performance

With the new MSK Sports Science concentration, you will be part of an emerging field aimed at utilizing the power of data and technology to enhance human performance at all levels. You will be exposed to cutting-edge technology aimed at monitoring player performance and assessing skills and traits throughout a competitive season. The education and experience afforded in this two-year program will prepare you for a career in the next evolution of player performance assessment and enhancement.

Immerse yourself in a robust MSK program that will afford you with top-tier education and a one-year affiliation as a team’s Sports Scientist to acquire the experience and expertise to put you ahead of the competition.


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You will be exposed to the latest in player-monitoring technology and a wide array of equipment aimed at assessing, monitoring, and enhancing player performance. Equipment will be part of course curriculum, but you will also have practical applications with the technology while working with a sports team during your two-semester practicum.

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Standard for Excellence

The MSK program offers a rigorous and thorough graduate experience. In addition to the practical experiences afforded during the two-semester practicum, our thesis-track option will provide you an opportunity to conduct independent research and prepare you for success in Kinesiology-related PhD programs.

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Professional Opportunities

Sports Science is an emerging field in human performance. Organizations of all sizes and competition levels are continually hiring individuals specifically for the utilization and application of sports science data in fueling their strategies for success.

Employment in sports science-related disciplines is expected to grow 13-39% from 2020-2030. - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics