Office of Sponsored Programs

Roles and Responsibilities

 Principal Investigator (PI)

The PI is responsible for the overall development and content of the proposal; may delegate aspects of preparation to administrative and scientific staff, but remains ultimately responsible for all aspects of the proposal as submitted.

  • Reviews sponsor requirements—both standard and non-standard
  • Develops the scope of work and determines the resources necessary to complete the project
  • Prepares the budget and justification in collaboration with your Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), Contract Administrator or Contract and Grant Coordinator, including confirming allowable budgeted items and verifying time/effort commitments, salaries, and rates (fringe benefits, F&A), tuition, cost sharing; etc.
  • Communicate with OSP as early as possible during budget preparation regarding preparation of Small Business Subcontracting Plan, if required.
  • Consults with the Department/Dean/Center Director regarding the use of space and personnel, cost sharing, international activities and other key issues, as needed.
  • Secures all university commitments required for proposal. This includes Human and Animal subject protocol(s) or...


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