Credit Card Order Procedure

UAH Procedure for Credit Card Contracts:

1.Funding agency should send statement of work to Research Administration indicating the PI and that this will be a credit card contract.

2.Research Administration contacts the PI and based on his/her information prepares a quote for the funding agency—usually faxed.

3.Funding agency contact calls Research Administration letting them know that the agency will accept this quote and providing the following information:

nCredit card #, Credit card company, Credit card expiration date

nPeriod of authorization

nStatement of work, deliverables and deliverable person/location

nType of award (fixed price or cost reimbursable)

nInvoice frequency & location

4.Upon receipt of this information, Research Administration prepares a letter of understanding, signed by the Director of OSP, which is faxed to the funding agency for concurrence signature. This becomes our contractual document (example below.)

5.A "5" account is established and this is administered like other awards.

6.UAH PI informs Research Administration when work is complete/delivery has been made and invoice will be sent to funding agency.

Example letter of understanding:

Dear Mr. Doe:

The terms of referenced credit card order are listed below. If you concur, please sign where indicated and fax back to UAH OSP at 824-6677. Technical communication will be between you and Dr. Sam Smith at 824-0000. Please note that the University's mission is teaching and research and sponsored research must be consistent with this mission. Therefore, all research must be approached on a "best effort" basis and can not be distorted by the need to guarantee delivery of a product.

Order #: Mastercard xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (exp. 1/1/04)

Amount: $5,000

Period: 11/1/02-12/15/03

Scope of Work: Two power supply boxes built to the attached specifications

Delivery: On or before 12/15/03 to Mr. John Doe; Acme Corp, 5555 Memorial Parkway

Type: Fixed price

Invoice: Upon delivery to Ms. Ann Adams, Accounts Receivable, Acme Corp., 5555 Mem. Pkwy.

Sincerely, Concur: ___________________________

John Doe, Acme Corp.


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