Subcontract Information

Purchasing administers consultant and vendors subs if sub is under an award issued after 12/26/14.  This is per Uniform Guidance - Section 200.68, 200.92 and 200.93.  Purchasing will ensure open competition.

How to tell if a person should be an Employee or an Independent Contractor

Employee or Consultant? The IRS Cares

Consultant/Subcontract Approval Request (CSAR)

Letter Subs

Intra University Consulting

Consultant(Cross-Departmental Consulting)

Purchasing and Business Services


Expense Vouchers:

Without travel

With travel

Unauthorized Commitment

Foreign National


Payment for consultant services should be comparable to the normal or customary fees charged and received by the consultant for comparable services, especially non-government contracts and grants. Consultants will be required to provide verification of rate if it exceeds Executive Schedule II rate of $705.04/day and will include, at a minimum, the name, point of contact, and phone number of two companies they have provided consultant services for at that rate.

Mileage Rates

Effective 1/1/2015 the mileage per diem rate of reimbursement is $.575 per mile.


For additional information Principal Investigators should contact:

Steve Parker
Office of Sponsored Programs