UAH supports the offering of a number of academically challenging programs offered through a variety of carefully-selected online learning formats deemed most appropriate for the course content and design in each of our Departments and Colleges.

Below is a list of the current programs offered through various methods of Online Learning at UAH. Courses offered may use Canvas (UAH's course management system), Panopto (UAH's class capture technology), Blackboard Collaborate/Wimba/Adobe Connect (UAH's synchronous chat and presentation tool), Videoconferencing (real-time live broadcast from or to UAH from UAB and UA), or a combination of these methods for delivery. We are constantly expanding our course and program offerings to best meet the needs of our students. For a list of courses offered through OL planned for each semester, please browse upcoming courses from the UAH Current Class Schedules. Courses are coded in the UAH Class Schedule a O (100% online, no on-campus meetings typically required), H (Hybrid, 51%-99% online, some on-campus meetings may be required), and T (Traditional format, less that 51% online material, standard on-campus class meeting schedule will apply). 

If you have a request for a course or program that is not currently offered, please submit your Online Course/Program Request here.


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Online Learning Programs



  • Human Resource Management - M.S. (coming Fall 2015)
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Management - M.S. (coming Fall 2015)
  • Business Analytics - M.S. (coming Fall 2015)
  • Information Systems M.S. - (coming Fall 2016)



  • Engineering Management - MSE or Ph.D.
  • Industrial Engineering - MSE or Ph.D.
  • Operations Research - MSOR
  • Systems Engineering - MSE or Ph.D.
  • Civil Engineering* - MSE or Ph.D.
  • Mechanical Engineering* - MSE
  • Aerospace Systems Engineering* - MSASE


  • Modeling & Simulation* - MS or PhD
  • Software Engineering* - MSSE


  • Nursing Education* - Certificate
  • Nursing (RN) - BSN
  • Nursing (Leadership in Health Care Systems) - MSN
  • Nursing Practice - DNP

* Hybrid program offered primarily through an online format

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