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Procurement Services offers training to assist the University community with Banner Requisition Entry, Banner Requisition Approval, Understanding the Procurement Process, and Procurement Card.

BANNER REQUISITION ENTRY covers the process necessary to enter and approve a Requisition.

                                                       Requisition Entry Workbook

BANNER REQUISITION APPROVAL only covers the process to approve a Requisition.

You may schedule training by emailing If you prefer to navigate through the process on your own, you may complete the Banner Self Service Access Request Form (this form is accessible on the Budget and Management Information Office web site here). Once you have received your access to Banner Self-Service Finance, you can print the workbook and begin your Banner Self Service Requisitioning Experience.

                                                      Requisition Approval Workbook

UNERSTANDING THE PROCUREMENT PROCESS is a very general powerpoint presentation about the purchasing process here at UAH.  This powerpoint is usually presented as a part of the training offered through OSP ( If you have any questions in reference to this training, contact the Procurement Office at 824-6484 or

PROCUREMENT CARD: If you are interested in participating in the program send an email to . Training is scheduled on an individual basis upon participation in the program.  Refresher training is available upon request (