Student Testimonials

What our students have to say...

"If you are trying to decide between a small psychology program like UAH or a larger program in experimental psychology, let me convince you that UAH is a much better choice. The psychology department at UAH is small, so that you are able to get individualized attention from ALL of the professors, which is something that is impossible to get at a larger university. UAH in particular would be a very wise choice for an education in psychology because it provided me with a really good grasp of research methods and the professors helped me to tailor my education to my professional goals. I was offered opportunities to conduct research which led to 10 presentations at regional conferences and 10 presentations at national conferences. With my adviser, I published 3 journal articles and a book chapter during the years we worked together. Our research won 2 regional awards and 2 national awards. This did wonders for making me competitive when I applied for PhD. programs. I am positive that I had many more offers than I would have if my educational experience had not been so profoundly impacted by the professors at UAH."
Deah Lawson, Doctoral Student, Iowa State University

"The faculty members in the Psychology department have a large variety of interests and are only too happy to share their knowledge with students. UAH is one of the best schools in the nation and the Psychology department at UAH is the best department on the UAH campus."
Frank E. Bell, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Advisor, UAH

"At UAH, I found a program that teaches the basic research and analysis skills necessary to succeed in any field within Psychology."
Samuel Hawkins, Senior Human Factors Engineer, United Defense LP, Minneapolis, MN

"My undergraduate education at UAH was extensive and thorough, providing me with a broad base of knowledge upon which I could build my graduate education."
Amanda Midboe, Master's Student, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

"The undergraduate psychology program at UAH provided a great basis upon which I could build. The professors there are very helpful and consistently reward students who accomplish. I particularly benefited from the training in statistics and research methods."
Crystal Bell, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Tuscaloosa, AL

"Psychology is a very diverse field with endless applications in both public and private life. I am grateful to the UAH program for educating me on the many different aspects of the field, and providing me with the knowledge to pursue a career in any of those fields. I received not only a well-rounded education from experienced and knowledgeable professionals willing to both teach and learn, but also the confidence necessary for success in today's world."
Katie Young, Facilities Supervisor, Hope Place, Huntsville, AL

"I credit much of my success to my experiences at UAH. The psychology faculty were OUTSTANDING (and still are no doubt). I was able to gain valuable research experience while still an undergraduate at UAH, which strengthened my application to graduate programs. The strength of the undergraduate classes at UAH thoroughly prepared me for graduate school. While many of my classmates struggled, I felt prepared, especially in statistics classes (the typical "weed out" classes of many graduate programs)."
Pam McDonald, Assistant Professor, Psychology, Washburn University, Topeka, KS

"Very close knit department. The professor actually know your name and face out of class, which makes me feel special. Some individuals think that bigger is better. Well, I disagree, UAH has a small department compared to some schools, however I still feel that I am obtaining a quality education. I did not choose UAH for its psychology program, I chose this school because of its residence hall. I certainly lucked out."
Jessamine Huffman, Ph.D. student in the Educational Psychology program at Mississippi State University

"I transferred to UAH from a much bigger school as a junior, so my comments are only about upper level classes here. Compared to my former school, the PY program at UAH is much more intensive and experimental in nature. Its a small program; there is a lot of contact between students and professors. I know I am much better prepared for graduate school and research than I would have been if I had not transferred here."
Elizabeth Preston, Ph.D. student in the Cognitive Psychology program at Vanderbilt University

"Great faculty and program-- heavily grounded in research methodology. UAH offers a fairly broad spectrum of psychology courses (considering how small the school is)."
Marie Crissone, Currently attending law school in Birmingham, AL