Welcome to the Department of Psychology

Psychology is an exciting and interesting scientific field that concerns why people think and behave the way they do. It is a tremendously varied field and a discipline with a bright and promising future. Though relatively young, psychology is an expansive discipline that incorporates topics from other disciplines such as biology, business, engineering, and education.

Studying psychology requires students to solve problems, reason verbally and quantitatively, organize material, think critically, communicate clearly, and work effectively with others. At UAH, the Psychology Department is small and very student-centered. Students may take courses in clinical, experimental, social, developmental, cognitive, perceptual, biological, engineering, industrial, and animal psychology. In particular, students are required to gain an appreciation of the methods and tools used by psychologists to perform research. Our capstone course in supervised research allows majors to demonstrate those skills working with individual faculty members.

Our research interests cover the primary components of experimental psychology, including developmental, cognitive, human factors, physiological, and social/personality psychology. We pride ourselves on being a department that interacts a great deal with our students, both undergraduate and graduate.



Student Spotlight

Alisha Turman, Alan Harrison, and Kenneth Hammett

Undergraduate & Graduate Students

The Psychology Department is proud to recognize Alisha Turman, Alan Harrison, and Kenneth Hammett as our 2017 Honors Day honorees.