Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Psychology majors at UAH earn a Bachelor of Arts degree comprised of general education requirements, the psychology major itself, and a minor in some area other than psychology.

Our program is designed to develop scientific thinking about psychology. Psychology majors are first introduced to each of the variety of disciplines within psychology in a two-course sequence (PY 101 and 102). Then, in addition to courses required for the major, students are encouraged to select courses they find interesting in consultation with a faculty advisor. Students may select courses within both the social and natural science aspects of psychology.

After meeting the requirements for the major, students participate in a capstone course – PY 498 – that brings together all that they have learned as a psychology major. In this course, students work in small groups directly with a faculty member on an original research project. 

For a full list of courses for the Psychology major, visit the UAH Catalog.

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Psychology Minor

A minor in psychology consists of 21 semester hours of psychology courses of which 12 semester hours must be numbered 300 or above.

For a full list of courses for the Psychology minor, visit the UAH Catalog.

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