Students with computer controlled helicopter

Undergraduate Study in ECE

The Electrical and Computer Engineering department offers ABET accredited undergraduate degree programs in Electrical, Computer, and Optical Engineering.  The Electrical Engineering program offers coursework that enables students to pursue careers in any of the many diverse facets of electrical engineering such as electronics, networks, power systems, instrumentation, communications, and controls. The Computer Engineering program deals with the analysis, design and application of computer systems, through a blend of computer engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering courses. This enables students to pursue a wide range of career options in such areas as real-time systems, embedded systems, reconfigurable computing, parallel and cloud-enabled computing, software engineering, cybersecurity, and software safety. The Optical Engineering program prepares students for careers in optoelectronics, including the design and application of systems for optical fiber communications, optical instrumentation, holography, image forming and processing, lasers and optical detection, as well as areas such as optical testing.

The ECE Department offers three ABET accredited undergraduate degree programs. These programs include:

  • BSEE - Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • BSCPE - Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
  • BSOE - Bachelor of Science in Optical Engineering