Welcome to the University of Alabama in Huntsville's Office of Instructional & Testing Services. Our mission is to provide high-quality test administration and assessment services for the UAHCampus and its surrounding community. We subscribe to and abide by the professional standards and guidelines for post-secondary test centers, as adopted by the National College Testing Association.

Attention UAH Online Students:  We are now offering a new testing time each Wednesday at 5:30 pm. Please call (256) 824-6725 for details.

DSS Accommodated Testing

Students with the accommodation of extended time and/or reduced distraction environment for tests should do the following.

  1. The accommodation process begins with the student and faculty/department. Every effort should be made to accommodate students at this level, particularly for basic accommodations such as extended time or reduced distraction testing environment.
  2. If faculty or departments are unable to provide accommodations, they should work with the student and Testing Services to refer the student to Testing Services for proctoring, as they would for other students who need exam proctoring. Requests for proctoring can be directed to Testing Services at 256-824-6725 ortesting@uah.edu.
  3. DSS will help administer exams for students that need more advanced accommodations such as assistive technology to access and respond to test content, interpreting/captioning, readers/scribes, etc. For students in upper division or highly technical courses, DSS may not have the content knowledge necessary to provide readers or scribes. The faculty or department may be asked to assist with this accommodation.


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