Deferred Exams

When do deferred exams take place?

Deferred exams are given once each semester, on the Friday of the first week of classes in May, August, and January. 

When should deferred exams be brought to Testing Services?

Exams must be provided to Testing Services during final exam week. Instructors are not permitted to send the exam through campus mail, due to issues of test security.

When should deferred exams be retrieved from Testing Services?

Completed examinations are available for pickup by the faculty member or the department on or before the Tuesday following the deferred exam date. Exams, whether complete or incomplete, will not be returned through campus mail.

Other important information about deferred exams:

  • An INSTRUCTION SHEET must be included with the exam.
  • Each student is only allowed to take only one deferred exam with Testing Services per semester. Students who wish to take multiple deferred exams must make other arrangements with the instructors.