Be your best self! You can do this

Academic Coaching is available to any student who would like to improve his or her performance in class and learn how to study smarter. Our professional and peer academic coaches help students: 

  • establish and maintain positive routines
  • set goals and priorities
  • develop time management skills
  • understand their individual learning styles
  • master effective note-taking and reading strategies
  • prepare for tests and manage test anxiety


Appointments can be made here or in person in the first floor north wing of the Library. Call 256.824.2478 for further information.


Tips to make the most of your time with your coach


1) Make an appointment early in the semester.

A coach can help you plan your entire semester so that you never miss a deadline or find yourself falling behind.


2) Bring the necessary tools to your appointment.

If you want to work on time management, bring your syllabi, class and work schedules, and assignment sheets.  If you want to work on note taking, reading skills, or test taking, bring your textbook, notes, study guides, or anything else you might normally use to study.


3) Get to know your coach.

Coaches have been where you are and have found success using the strategies they are suggesting. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn from their mistakes (and triumphs!).


4) Create a coaching plan.

In your first session, make a plan for which skills you most want to develop. Set goals and schedule a follow-up appointment where you can dig deeper into individual topics, such as managing test anxiety or staying motivated. 


5) Have fun!

The skills you will learn in Academic Coaching are life skills, transferrable to any career or life path you choose. Enjoy the process (and rewards) of developing these skills and applying them to your life here at UAH.


The mission of the Academic Coaching Program in the Student Success Center is to empower students to take control of their academic careers as they understand their learning styles, open themselves up to new study skills and strategies, and manage their time and energy wisely to get the most out of the college experience.