Modeling and Simulation


The Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Graduate Program is an interdisciplinary program of the University of Alabama in Huntsville committed to research in and advancement of this rapidly expanding field. The program’s focus is on graduate level education leading to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

M&S has become increasingly important in the modern technological world, with nearly all aspects of engineering and the physical sciences making use of, or depending on, M&S. Additionally, use of M&S has steadily increased in economics, politics, and the social sciences. M&S is not a singular area of study but has rather emerged as a distinct, cross-cutting, inter-disciplinary academic discipline. As an inter-disciplinary program, the majority of the courses associated with the M&S degree program will come from existing University of Alabama in Huntsville programs. Students seeking M&S degrees will primarily be taking courses offered by the Industrial and Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology departments.

The objectives of the M&S degree programs are to prepare graduates to make significant contributions in:
(1) M&S practitioner positions in industrial and government organizations.
(2) Research staff positions in industry, government, and research laboratories focused on M&S.
(3) Teaching and research careers at academic institutions.
(4) Expanding the university’s research activities in M&S.

Distance Learning

Courses in both the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy programs in Modeling & Simulation are available as part of the UAH Distance Learning (DL) program. The UAH DL program provides course access over high speed internet or via mailed CDs. All registered DL students are welcome to attend the live class when possible.