Faculty & Staff

Program Coordinator: Mikel D. Petty

Newman, T.S. (CS); visualization, graphics, and computer vision
Petty, M. D. (Research); modeling and simulation, theoretical computer science
Slater, P.J. (CS): graph theory, combinatorics
Swain, J.J. (ISE); applied statistics, computer simulation, quality engineering

Associate Professors:
Componation, P.J. (ISE); systems engineering, engineering economy, engineering management
Cox, G. (CS); computer architecture, networks, distributed systems
Delugach, H.S. (CS); software requirements development, knowledge based systems
Etzkorn, L.H. (CS); software re-use, object oriented software development
Gholston, S. (ISE); quality engineering, applied statistics, manufacturing
Messimer, S.L.(ISE); manufacturing systems, optimization, applied statistics
Rochowiak, D.M.(CS); cognitive science, artificial intelligence, computer ethics

Assistant Professors:
Benfield, P.J. (Research); systems engineering, spacecraft propulsion systems modeling, engineering team dynamics

Adjunct Faculty:
Colley, W.N.; distributed and real-time simulation, physics, statistical methods
Turner, M.W.; spacecraft and propulsion modeling, distributed engineering teams, virtual collaborative environment