Students Representing UAH at 63rd International Astronautical Congress

We are very proud to announce that 34 UAHuntsville student researchers will be representing our university at the upcoming 63rd International Astronautical Congress to be held in Naples, Italy from October 1-5. These students have been selected by the International Astronautical Federation to give 42 oral presentations and 5 poster presentations in the full technical sessions of the regular congress. This is a great accomplishment that recognizes the hard work of the individual students, and also highlights the high-quality faculty-student collaborative research and scholarship that our university provides for students who want to “go the extra mile.”

The following students will be traveling and attending the congress from September 28 until October 6. During this time, they will be interacting with attendees of the single largest meeting of aerospace professionals, representing government, academia, and the private sector. The strong student and young professional component to this conference makes it an exceptional opportunity for these students to bring visibility and exposure to their research, as well as a chance to learn and interact with fellow students, leading researchers, heads of space agencies, and CEOs of major aerospace firms.

Alcorn, John College of Engineering Aerospace Engineering
Anderson, Eric College of Science ESS
Becnel, Eric  College of Engineering  Aerospace Engineering 
Becnel, Mark  College of Engineering  MAE 
Bergstue, Grant  College of Science  Optical Engineering 
Brenton, James  College of Science  ESS 
Casagrande, Henrique  College of Engineering  Aerospace Engineering 
Choi, Jaewon  College of Science  Physics 
Cottam, Tamara  College of Engineering  MAE 
Ellenburg, Walter (Lee)  College of Engineering  Environmental Engineering 
Flores, Africa  College of Science  ESS 
Freiderich, Kerianna (Bowman)  College of Science Physics
Fry, Emma  College of Liberal Arts  Public Affairs 
Giddens, Patrick  College of Engineering  MAE 
Hatcher, Richard  College of Engineering  Mechanical Engineering 
Helms, Williams  College of Engineering  Computer Engineering 
Herdy, Claire  College of Science  ESS 
Keller, Shari  College of Engineering  Industrial System Engineering 
Laughmiller, Micah  College of Engineering  Mechanical Engineering 
Owens, Amanda College of Business  Business Administration 
Parlett, Amy College of Engineering MAE
Percy, Thomas College of Engineering MAE
Phillips, Melanie College of Science ESS
Rodencal, Matthew College of Engineering EE
Rodriguez, Mitchell College of Engineering MAE
Saliashvili, Salome College of Business Finance
Schoukroun, Lucas College of Engineering MAE
Searcy, Brittani College of Engineering Aerospace Engineering
Setayesh, Brandon College of Engineering MAE
Shine, Samantha College of Engineering Industrial System Engineering
Stanic, Milos College of Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Thomas, Josiah College of Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Traum, Jeremy College of Engineering MAE
Yi, Angela College of Engineering MAE


If you have questions, please feel free to contact:

Dave Cook

Coordinator of Student Research Programs
Office of Vice President for Research
University of Alabama in Huntsville
301 Sparkman Drive, B20 Von Braun Research Hall
Huntsville, AL 35899

Ph: 256.824.5705
Fx: 256.824.6783