Supply Chain Management Foundation

Gain an overview of integrated supply chain (SC) with an emphasis on business process integration for optimal supply chain performance. Learn about supplier, demand, and production/support management as well as product and SC strategy development. Build conceptual understanding of business processes within the supply chain along with tools for measuring performance and fostering improvement. Learn the function of logistics, ERP systems, and metrics in the supply chain. Become aware of enterprise-wide integrated supply chain concepts employed for the product life cycle. The SCOR model will be utilized throughout for process modeling and diagnostics.

The course also serves as Executive Development for senior managers and executives.

    Topics Include:
  • Defining supply chain, enterprise, logistics, service, product life cycle
  • Distinguishing SC from logistics
  • Supply chain network structure
  • Identifying supply chain elements
  • Defining structural dimensions of the SC network
  • Familiarizing with Integrated GSCF Supply Chain Business Processes
  • Introducing SC tools/methods
  • Considering global vs. local SC impact

Available Sessions