Business Communications Using Social Media and Email

Digital media, whether email, web pages or social media, are powerful communication methods. Learn to present yourself and your organization professionally in all digital media. Examine effective strategies for clear communication in the digital world. Benefit from a writing refresher that guides you to consider your audience and purpose as you choose your delivery tone and level of formality. Gain basic knowledge of digital social media, their purpose and use especially focusing on workplace considerations.

    Topics Include:
  • Understanding audience and purpose
  • Following general writing guidelines
    • Tone
    • Clarity
    • Conciseness
  • Writing for special situations (for example, conveying bad news)
  • Communicating with email
    • Formatting basics
    • Professional openings and closings
    • Reading and responding to email
  • Using Social Media
    • Overview (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs)
    • Purpose and use (generational and workplace considerations)
    • Public versus private
  • Choosing between modes of communication
    • Pitfalls and advantages

Available Sessions
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