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Mobile App Security+ Certification Exam Prep

Prepare for one of CompTIA's newest certifications. Validate your ability and knowledge to create secure native Android mobile applications while ensuring network communication and backend Web service security. The exam is suitable for developers with two years of application development experience. Participants should have strong familiarity with Java, Android SDK, and secure application principles. This course prepares you for CompTIA Exam ADR-001. Go to for complete certification information.

    Topics Include:
  • Mobile Application Security, SDLC, and Threat Models
    • Identify reasons for significance of secure mobile development.
    • Compare relative severity of security issues.
    • Explain a secure development process throughout application development.
    • Summarize general application security best practices.
    • Identify the major architectural risks to weaknesses in an application.
  • Android SDK, APIs and Security Features
    • Summarize the Android security architecture.
    • Explain the Android permission model.
    • Describe secure inter-process communication.
    • Securely implement common features.
  • Web Service and Network Security
    • Summarize the risks in performing Web and network communications.
    • Implement an SSL session with validation.
    • Distinguish sound security protections for authentication.
    • Explain common threats and protections for Web services.
    • Describe proper implementation of session security.
  • Data Security and Implementing Encryption
    • Explain how encryption and hashing work.
    • Summarize methods for securing stored data.
    • Distinguish proper implementation of encryption in an Android application.
    • Implement data security using the Android permissions model.
  • Application Hardening and Reverse Engineering
    • Explain reverse engineering.
    • Explain reverse engineering countermeasures.
  • Secure Java Coding
    • Explain Java language structure and object-oriented development.
    • Demonstrate proper handling of sensitive information.
    • Explain general secure Java coding best practices.

System Requirements for Online Students:

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 4GB RAM
  • 2GB hard disk space
  • 1280X800 minimum screen resolution
  • For other operating system requirements, click here.

Android Mobile Developer Certificate or equivalent professional experience.

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