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Star - CCM+ Workshop
Introduction to Aerodynamic & Thermal Analysis

Serving as an introduction to STAR-CCM+ software solution, this 24-hour course equips the attendee with a firm understanding of the basic principles of computational fluid flow, heat transfer analysis, and compressible aerodynamics as delivered in STAR-CCM+. Attendees will experience a gradual well-structured learning curve over a three day period that reflects the major processes developed in STAR-CCM+. After instructor-led tutorials and lectures, attendees will use the software to perform their own simulations and leave the training equipped to address common flow, thermal, and aerodynamic engineering challenges using STAR-CCM+.

The application focus of the course will be compressible aerodynamics. Aerodynamic material will include STAR-CCM+ analysis capabilities for compressible flow, aerodynamics best practices, as well as boundary conditions and solution control settings. All lecture is re-enforced by hands-on exercises of application-relevant geometries, including missiles, converging-diverging nozzles, and a helicopter fuselage.


    Day 1:
  • Conceptual elements of fluid flow simulation
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) and architecture overview including the client-server approach
  • Overview of workflow process of STAR-CCM+
  • Introductory hands-on exercises that re-enforce the entire analysis process in STAR-CCM+ from geometry import through results post-processing.
    Day 2:
  • Thermal workshop
  • Basics of mesh generation including various surface and volume meshing models
  • Principles and strategies for efficient computational solving
  • Hands-on tutorials on automatic meshing that include surface cleanup, multi domain meshing and mesh modification.
    Day 3:
  • Compressible Flow Modeling in STAR-CCM+
  • Lecture: STAR-CCM+ analysis capabilities for compressible flow, including best practices for models and mesh design, boundary conditions and solution control settings
  • Workshop 1: High-Speed Flow around a Generic Tactical Missile
  • Workshop 2: Supersonic Flow in a Converging-Diverging Nozzle
  • Workshop 3: Helicopter fuselage aerodynamics

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