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Web Applications Using Visual Studio .NET

Learn how to create applications and interactive web sites that leverage the Microsoft ASP.NET platform. You will begin by creating simple web sites and then adding more features using the Visual Studio .NET IDE. Along the way you will learn to work with ASP.NET and HTML controls, and web site navigation features. In class examples, practice using cascading style sheets (CSS), creating your own reusable user controls and incorporating AJAX and JavaScript into web applications. The course will conclude with a look at many of the options available for using databases in your web site .

Who Should Attend:
Designed for experienced .NET software developers who need to learn how to create web applications using ASP.NET or web developers who want to go beyond HTML to create powerful web sites.

    Topics Include:
  • Introduction to ASP.NET and Visual Studio .NET
  • Building web sites: web page design with HTML, ASP.NET and CSS
  • Programming web pages: ASP.NET and HTML controls, styles and themes, navigation
  • More advanced web sites: creating new controls, validating user inputs
  • Working with databases: tools, display and manage data, the ADO.NET Entity Framework

Programming with Visual Studio .NET Programming with Visual Studio .NET or equivalent experience.

Available Sessions
Course not available for public enrollment at this time.
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