Certified Modeling and Simulation Professional Exam Prep
Become a Certified Modeling and Simulation Professional. Our CMSP® exam preparation course can help you to succeed. Beginning with a comprehensive diagnostic quiz approved by the Modeling and Simulation Professional Certification Commission, local instructors bring their personal "lessons learned" to prepare you for the exam.

Topics Include:

    • The building blocks of M&S systems:
      • Computer technology
      • Networking
      • Statistics
      • Experimental design
      • Physics
      • Visualization
      • Mathematics
      • Simulation architectures
    • M&S verification and validation
    • Tips to successful exam prep and execution

    M&S applications covered by the exam:

    • Human factors in M&S
    • Interactive modeling and simulation
    • Discrete event simulation
    • Operations research
    • Quantitative aspects of M&S

    You will learn the access process for references cited by the exam. They will be available for review to you for 60 days from course completion at UAHuntsville's library. Registration fee includes the $250 CMSP® Exam Fee. Please see for additional CMSP® information and requirements.

    Available Sessions
    Course not available for public enrollment at this time.
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