Tactical Missile Design and Integration

Build a foundation in missile system design and the missile's role in defense. Learn about the technology advancements in recent missile design that have provided longer range standoff, higher speed, higher reliability, and precision accuracy. Develop the ability to understand maintenance and sustainability demands by understanding missile design parameters. Learn missile design aspects beginning with discipline elements of aerodynamics, propulsion, guidance, control, structures, and more. Address synthesizing the discipline elements into a missile design process and its evaluation, development, and system integration. Study prediction methods for missile evaluation measures of merit such as flight performance, lethality, miss distance, survivability, reliability, and cost. Explore system integration issues such as environment, launch platform type and constraints, and targeting. Gain an appreciation for the broad range of considerations in the missile system development process. Leave the course with ability to understand tactical missile design from a systems perspective.

    Topics Include:
  • Missile system engineering design, performance, and development
  • Operational examples include defense, precision strike, battlefield, and anti-aircraft missiles
  • System sizing for rocket, ramjet, and turbojet-powered missiles
  • Key drivers in the system design process
  • Aerodynamic, propulsion, weight, flight performance considerations
  • Measures of merit
  • Launch platform integration
  • Development process

Undergraduate degree in a technical field or equivalent experience.

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