Rotary-Wing Performance Flight Testing
This course is designed for personnel involved in rotary-wing flight testing. It is intended to provide the working level engineer with the information necessary to plan, brief, conduct, debrief and analyze flight test results of a rotary-wing performance test. Participants will collect data in an H-58 to verify a performance model derived in class. They will use the data and the model to evaluate the performance of the aircraft for a given mission. The course will provide all in-class notes, a Rotary-wing Flight Test Manual and a data reduction program for performance created by Mr. JJ McCue of the US Naval Test Pilot School.

This course includes actual in-flight labs. Although flying is not mandatory, participating in the data acquisition flights helps develop a firm foundation for understanding the theories taught in the classroom.

    Topics Include:
  • Pitot-Static Systems
  • Engine Assessment
  • Rotor Systems/Flight Controls
  • Hover Performance
  • Vertical Climb Performance
  • Level Flight Performance
  • Climb/Descent Performance
  • Flight Test Techniques
  • Blade Stall Testing

This course includes actual in-flight labs. Individuals participate in data acquisition flights to gain a firm foundation for understanding theories taught in the classroom. Flying is not mandatory.

Attendees are encouraged to bring laptop and scientific calculator.

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