Introduction to Rotary Wing Stability and Control

Experience S&C theory in real world application flying as a rotorcraft flight test engineer. Examine how the stability and control characteristics contribute to the aircraft's flying qualities, or the ease and accuracy with which the pilot accomplishes maneuvers of the aircraft. Learn the equations of motion and gain an understanding of how the parameters of these equations contribute to the stability and control of the rotorcraft system. Benefit from understanding the theory and practice that matters to the rotorcraft pilot.

This course includes actual in-flight labs. Although flying is not mandatory, participating in the data acquisition flights helps develop a firm foundation for understanding the theories taught in the classroom.

    Day One:
  • Introduction
  • Rotor Systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Flight / Safety Brief
  • Aircraft Familiarization and Instrumentation Brief
  • Introduction Flights
  • Rotor Systems (continuation)
  • Longitudinal Equations of Motion
    Day Two:
  • Longitudinal Equations of Motion (continuation)
  • Stability and Control Derivatives
  • Introduction to Handling Qualities Rating (HQR)
  • Mechanical Characteristics
  • Longitudinal Flight Test Techniques
  • Flight / Safety Brief
    Day Three:
  • Longitudinal Stability Test Flights
  • Lateral Directional Equations of Motion
  • Lateral Directional Stability and Control Derivatives
  • Lateral Directional Stability Flight Test Techniques
  • First and Second Order Systems
    Day Four:
  • Longitudinal Dynamics
  • Lateral Directional Dynamics
  • Lateral Directional Test Flights and Dynamics Demo
  • Workshop - Analysis and Presentation of Flight Test Data
    Day Five:
  • Aircraft Design Standard (ADS)-33
  • Student Team Presentations of Data and Analysis from Test Flights and Briefs
  • Guest Speaker - Special Topics in Rotary Wing Flight Control Technology

Attendees are encouraged to bring laptop and scientific calculator.

Presented in partnership with the UAH Rotorcraft Systems Engineering and Simulation Center and Momentum Foundation, Tullahoma, TN.

Limited seats available. Register early--18 maximum participants per course.

Cancellation policy: Participants may not cancel after February 28th. Substitutions may be made at any time.

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