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Research and Product Development

Examine how research and product development are the lifeblood of new products. Discover the importance of product development process integration in reducing time and cost to market. As product life cycles shorten, the right products must be developed and successfully launched in ever shorter timeframes to remain competitive. Successful new product development takes into account form, fit, function, and process.

    Topics Include:
  • Identifying customer-articulated and -unarticulated needs
  • Selecting materials, parts, and processes
  • Establishing relevant product and process standards/specifications
  • Deciding "make vs. buy"
  • Determining efficient production/manufacturing flow
  • Providing repair/support of unserviceables
  • Designing with "..ilities" considered
  • Designing for product enhancements and support
  • Developing production technology in manufacturing flow to manufacture and integrate into the best supply chain flow for the product/market combination

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