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Supply Chain Strategy Development

Understanding how the enterprise chooses to compete is the first step is for supply chain managers and executives in developing a strategy. Experience the steps to supply chain operation strategy that "sees" itself as a customer-facing entity serving the competitive goals of the enterprise. Through hands-on supply chain strategy simulation, build your personal understanding that SC strategy is not simply a linear derivative of the business strategy. At best, supply chain strategy can be the enabler of the business strategy. Learn use of your core competencies, focus, and means of differentiation when developing a supply chain strategy.

    Topics Include:
  • Understanding the enterprise and business strategy
  • Assessing the extended supply chain
  • Developing an implementation plan
  • Development considerations
  • Developing SC strategy for product demand characteristics
  • Understanding differences in responsive and efficient SC strategies
  • Hybrid SC strategies/tailoring to product characteristics
  • Performance management
  • Iterating the cost-benefit evaluation process
  • Keeping partner communication open
  • Avoiding potential pitfalls

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