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Aegis Combat and Weapon Systems Overview

Aegis is chronicled as a landmark achievement in naval engineering. Launched from the Advanced Surface Missile System program Aegis was developed as one of the most successful warfare systems in the US Navy. Attendees discover how Aegis systems have adapted to change, and enable our sailors to command the sea, control the littorals, project power ashore, and safeguard our troops and allies from the growing threat of ballistic missiles. Navy terms, concepts, and key events in the Aegis Program are introduced. Participants gain a historical prospective that led to the initiation of Aegis.

    Topics Include:
  • Aegis Overview and History
  • Aegis BMD
  • Aegis Weapon System (AWS) Essentials
  • Future of Aegis
  • Aegis Combat System (ACS) Fundamentals

Participants must provide verification of a valid Common Access Card or security clearance and U.S. Citizenship. Acceptable proof of citizenship includes one of the following: U.S. passport, birth certificate with picture ID, Certificate of Citizenship, or Naturalization from USCIS.

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