Miscellaneous Reporting

The best way for you to help your security program is to participate in your security program. A significant part of the security program is reporting. In addition to reporting adverse information and suspicious activities, you should make reports on the following:

  • Non-compliance with published security policies and procedures.
  • Blatant disregard for security policies and procedures.
  • Unauthorized removal of classified or proprietary information from work.
  • Falsification of locations visited during travel.
  • Sudden unexplained affluence.
  • Falsifying destruction records.
  • Careless destruction of proprietary information.
  • Frequently working after hours or at unusual times.
  • Requests for access to information that is not related to assigned tasks.
  • Inquiries to other employees about their work not related to normal tasks.
  • Excessive use of photocopying equipment.
  • Repeated and continued patterns of performance deterioration.

Remember, protection of classified and proprietary information is in your hands. It is up to you to report violations of security policies and procedures. Contact Denise Spiller or Delores Newton

After all, you are the Center of Security.