Placement Information

Do I need to take placement exams?

Placement testing is not required for registration for courses. However, if you wish to register for a higher level class than the one in which you will be placed, then you may take the placement tests in order to demonstrate your ability to perform at the next level.

All students who are beginning college-level course work in English, Mathematics, and Chemistry are placed at the level best suited to their academic preparation and background. Placement tests can be used to help to determine students' preparedness within these areas. Placements are determined by the respective academic departments based on the student's score(s).

If you live near the University, you may sign up for placement testing on the Testing Services Website. You can also take your Math Placement test online. Follow these instructions. 

All new first-time students are sent a placement letter at the start of May. Learn more about Academic Placement here.

Did you take AP Courses?

Remember to send your official scores through The College Board.


All accepted AP/IB Scores are listed on this UAH AP/IB Score Sheet.

Did you take Dual Enrollment courses?

Remember to send The Office of Admissions your official college transcript