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US Department of Defense

Papers and Publications

"Recovering the Domestic Aerospace and Defense Industrial Base"
Steven A. Melnyk, Ph.D., Kenneth W. Sullivan, Ph.D., P.E., Christopher Peters

Presentations and Briefings

"Assessing the Development and Maturity of the Enterprise Supply Chain Throughout the Lifecycle"
Joe Paxton 15-16 June 2010
"An Integrated Approach to Preventing Counterfeits in Defense Supply Chains"
Dr. Kenneth W. Sullivan, et al
Presented at Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) 2009
September 24, 2009
"Lessons from the Road: The Army Aviation Supply Chain"
Dr. Kenneth W. Sullivan P.E.
MDA Supply Chain Forum
June 6, 2007
"Creating Lean Supply Chains"
Dr. Kenneth W. Sullivan, et al, December 2008
"Continuous Process Improvement to Achieve Logistics Transformation"
Dr. Kenneth W. Sullivan
The International Society of Logistics' 43rd Annual International Logistics Conference
August 20, 2008


"Using SCOR as a Supply Chain Management Framework for Government Agency Contract Requirements"
Joseph Paxton and Brian Tucker
"SCRL Model for Human Space Flight Operations Enterprise Supply Chain"
Brian Tucker and Joseph Paxton

Manufacturing and Industry

"Product Characteristics: The Establishment of Key Attributes for Product Classification"
Dr. Kenneth W. Sullivan et al.
"Classification of Products for Alignment with Supply Chain Strategy"
Dr. Kenneth W. Sullivan et al., ASEM Conference, November 2007


Presentations and Briefings

"The University Paradox: How Academics and Research Can Thrive in the Lean Healthcare Market" 

Joe Paxton

Lean Educator Conference, Sept. 29 – Oct. 1, 2014