Requirements of a History Minor

Students writing at their desks.A student majoring in history must include in the academic program a minimum of 33 semester hours in history in addition to HY 101-102 or 103-104. The U.S. survey courses (HY 221-222) and a Historical Methods course (HY 290) are required. A student is required to take an additional 3 semester hours of sophomore work, but may take no more than a total of 12 semester hours in 200-level work including HY 221-222. A history major must take a minimum of 21 semester hours in courses numbered 300 or above; 9 semester hours must be 400-level courses, and must include HY 490. A history major is required to take a minimum of 6 semester hours in American history beyond HY 221 and 222 and a minimum of 6 semester hours in non-American history excluding HY 101-102 or 103-4. Students are encouraged to complete as many upper division courses as possible before enrolling in HY 490.