Retirement Counseling

On-campus individual counseling appointments are available with a financial advisor with TIAA-CREF or VALIC.


Phone: 800.732.8353 

Financial Advisor: Kevin Porter 

Upcoming Individual Counseling Appointments:

    • April 20
    • April 21
    • May 24
    • May 25
    • June 22
    • June 23

Please call the number above to schedule your appointment.  All sessions will be held in Shelbie King Hall, Room 102.  


Phone: 256.337.9758

Financial Advisor: Don Odendahl 

On-campus individual counseling appointments are available every Thursday.  Please contact the number above to schedule your appointment.

Teachers' Retirement Systems of Alabama

Phone: 877.817.0020

Retirement Preparation Seminars - Click the link below for more information and to schedule your appointment today.

Control Your Money Game - Mid-Career Seminars - These half-day seminars are for members with 1-19 years of service.

Retirement Preparation Seminars  - These full day seminars are for members who are within 5 years of retirement eligibility.

Off-Site Individual Appointments

Off-site individual counseling appointments for members within 3 Years of Retirement are available in various areas around the state for your convenience. These twenty minute, one-on-one appointments gives you an opportunity to have a discussion about your personal situation.  For more information regarding off-site individual counseling, click here.

RSA Counseling Center Appointments

Individual counseling appointments are available at RSA Counseling Center in Montgomery. Here you'll meet with counselors from TRS, PEEHIP and RSA-1 to discuss your individual plan and options for managing your retirement savings and insurance plan.  To schedule an appointment with an individual counselor in Montgomery, please call the RSA Counseling Center at 877.517.0020 or click here for more information.