Endowed Chairs

Great universities have great faculties. Faculty are UAHuntsville's most important intellectual resource. Endowed chairs have long been recognized as a hallmark of academic quality. Endowed chairs are reserved for scholars of national stature with highly distinguished records of teaching, research, and publication.

Endowed chairs are among the most important resources that a university can have in recruiting and maintaining an outstanding faculty. Endowed chairs provide many benefits:

  1. The best students are attracted by excellent faculty members.
  2. Outstanding faculty bring the highest stature to UAHuntsville.
  3. Endowed chairs provide prestigious positions that attract individuals of exceptional talent.
  4. A strong faculty ensures a superior academic program for students.
  5. Endowed chairs enable UAHuntsville to recruit the top teachers and researchers in the world in key areas.

Although superb faculty define an institution, the pressures of intensive instruction and the lure of higher salaries at other universities and in the private sector practice are making it increasingly challenging to attract and retain top faculty. UAHuntsville seeks to establish endowed chairs and professorships in order to continue drawing the best faculty.

The competition for exceptional faculty members is increasingly intense. In order to attract faculty members who will maintain our strong teaching and research programs, we must be able to make competitive job offers. Funds to endow faculty chairs and professorships will allow us to recruit superior faculty.

Endowed chairs and endowed professorships are needed to recruit and retain outstanding faculty. Endowed chairs offer a stable, dependable source of income for special teaching and research materials, library acquisitions, and travel assistance. Funds are needed to establish endowed chairs to ensure that UAHuntsville has the necessary depth, breadth, and leadership.

The minimum amount required to endow a faculty chair in perpetuity is $2 million. By providing funds to endow a chair, donors will make a prominent and permanent investment in an institution. Donors may designate their gifts for a chair in a particular area of study. Chairs established with gift funds may be named for the donor or someone the donor wishes to honor.

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