Charger Success 101

The Charger Success 101 course is designed to guide students through a successful experience at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. It allows students the opportunity to evaluate their goals and commitment to higher education early in their undergraduate experience. A large emphasis is placed on the student’s academic development and responsibility as a student.

Charger Success 101 focuses on areas where first year students need assistance, awareness, and extra support. Topics discussed in class include college demands, learning styles, time management, note taking, information literacy skills, and technology skills. This class offers students opportunities to develop and gain added awareness and experience in these areas.


Upon completion of Charger Success 101, the student will be able to:

  1. Identify and apply strategies for navigating classroom and campus contexts effectively.
    1. identify and apply strategies to manage time and priorities effectively.
    2. identify and use appropriate communication strategies across multiple context.
    3. identify and use relevant academic polices, processes, and procedures related to advising, course planning, and major exploration.
    4.  identify appropriate campus resources and opportunities that contribute to their lives as UAH students
  2. Understand, select, and use appropriate academic strategies in their studies.
    1. recognize the purpose and value of academic integrity and describe the key themes related to the Student Code of Conduct at UAH.
    2. understand the criteria for evaluating information sources.
    3. utilize the University library and information systems for basic academic inquiry.
    4. identify, understand and meet class-specific expectations.
  3. Develop a growth mindset and a mindful approach to life and learning for students both in the classroom and global community.
    1. explain the implications of their decisions, related to their overall wellness and academic progress.
    2. examine how their background and experiences impact their values and assumptions.
    3. examine the influence that backgrounds and experiences have on openness to new ideas.
    4. identify and demonstrate the process of receiving, acquiring, and using information.
  4. Develop a positive perspective towards diversity.
    1. examine how their background and experiences impact their values and assumptions and explain the influence these have on their relationships with others.
    2. understand concepts of diversity.
    3. recognize and respect diverse perspectives, values and beliefs.