Programs and Courses

UAH supports the offering of a number of academically challenging programs offered through a variety of carefully-selected distance learning formats deemed most appropriate for the course content and design. Below is a list of the current programs offered through OL at UAH. Courses offered may use Canvas (UAH's course management system), Panopto  (UAH's class capture technology), Adobe Connect/Wimba (UAH's synchronous chat and presentation tool), Videoconferencing (real-time live broadcast from or to UAH from UAB and UA), or a combination of these methods for delivery. We are constantly expanding our course and program offerings to best meet the needs of our students. For a list of courses offered through OL planned for each semester, please see our OL Newsletter under the News section of our website. If you have a request for a program that is not currently offered, please fill out the following form here with that request.

Students may also find it helpful to browse upcoming courses from the UAH Current Class Schedules.


  • Human Resource Management - M.S.
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Management - M.S.
  • Business Analytics - M.S.
  • Information Systems M.S. - (coming Fall 2016)


  • Elementary Education - M.Ed.
  • Secondary Education* - M.Ed.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders - M.Ed. or Certificate
  • Reading Education - M.Ed.
  • English Speakers of Other Languages - M.Ed.


  • Engineering Management - MSE or Ph.D.
  • Industrial Engineering - MSE  or Ph.D.
  • Operations Research - MSOR
  • Systems Engineering - MSE or Ph.D.
  • Civil Engineering* - MSE or Ph.D.
  • Mechanical Engineering* - MSE
  • Aerospace Systems Engineering* - MSASE


  • Modeling & Simulation* - MS or PhD
  • Software Engineering* - MSSE


  • Nursing Education* - Certificate
  • Nursing (RN) - BSN
  • Nursing (Leadership in Health Care Systems) - MSN
  • Nursing Practice - DNP


* Hybrid program offered primarily through an online format

Online & Hybrid Online Courses

UAH offers a growing number of individual online courses in the fields of Accounting, Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, and Technical Writing at the undergraduate as well as graduate level.  As well, UAH is constantly increasing our offering of Hybrid Online classes (51% or more online), including Biology, Education, English, First Year Experience, Health & Physical Education, Information Systems, and Marketing. For a list of available courses, as well as the option to search by course format type including Online (O) and Hybrid (H), see the UAH Interactive Course Schedule.

Videoconferencing/IITS Class Offerings:

Videoconferencing technology enables people at two or more locations to see and hear each other at the same time through either a point-to-point (P-P) or multipoint (MP) connection; when used for educational purposes, this provides students with access to faculty from across the UA System Campuses with specialties in academic disciplines or courses not being offered currently on their home campuses. At UA, UAB, and UAH, videoconferencing connectivity is made possible by the Intercampus Interactive Telecommunications System (IITS). Sites are equipped with cameras, monitors, and other devices that allow teachers and students to interact as if they were in the same room. Presenters teach using in-room technology, include the use of electronic slides, SMART Boards, and other technology options. Classes offered vary by semester. Please check with your academic department for availability of these classes each term.

The UAH Online Learning office schedules videoconferencing classes in 3 separate rooms on our campus. Each room has a different capacity, with functionality useful for academic classes, workshops, Master and Doctoral discussions and defenses, educational/non-profit/for-profit meeting and conference opportunities, Guest Lecturers, K-12 cooperative initiatives and conferencing, and many other educational and business opportunities. Please contact Dr. Sherri Restauri to discuss reservation of these facilities.