tommy morris

Tommy Morris - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director, Center for Cybersecurity Research and Education
Office: ENG 217H
Phone: 256.824.6576
Email: tommy.morris@uah.edu

Research Areas: Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems and Weapon Systems

Sandra Carpenter - Psychology
Office: MH 333
Phone: 256.824.2319
Email: sandra.carpenter@uah.edu

Research Areas: Insider Threat

David Coe - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office: EB 217F
Phone: 256.824.3583
Email: david.coe@uah.edu

Chakri Deverapali - College of Business
Office: BAB 329E
Phone: 256.824.2124
Email: chakri.deverapali@uah.edu

Research Areas: Networks/Digital Forensics

Letha Etzkorn - Computer Science
Office: TH N348
Phone: 256.824.6291
Email: letha.etzkorn@uah.edu

Research Areas: Secure Coding
Faculty Website
Sara Graves - Computer ScienceITSC
Office: TH S339A
Phone: 256.824.6064
Email: sara.graves@uah.edu
Jeet Gupta - College of Business
Office: BAB 126F
Phone: 256.824.6593
Email: jeet.gupta@uah.edu

Emil Jovanov - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office: TH N355
Phone: 256.824.5094
Email: jovanoe@uah.edu

Research Areas: Medical Device

Sun-il Kim - Computer Science
Office: TH N347
Phone: 256.824.6221
Email: sunil.kim@uah.edu

Research Areas: Reliability and Security in Networked Systems.
Faculty Website

Jeff Kulick - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office: EB 215
Phone: 256.824.6049
Email: jeff.kulick@uah.edu

Research Areas: Safety/SCADA/ICS

Xiaotong Li - College of Business
Office: BAB 307
Phone: 256.824.6762
Email: xiaotong.li@uah.edu

Research Areas: Digital Forensics

Wai Mok - College of Business
Office: BAB 308
Phone: 256.824.6980
Email: wai.mok@uah.edu

Ravi Patnayakuni - College of Business
Office: BAB 311
Phone: 256.824.6155
Email: r.patnayakuni@uah.edu

Mikel Petty - Computer Science
Office: VBRH D-14
Phone: 256.824.4368
Email: mikel.petty@uah.edu

Research Areas: Modeling and Simulation

Ray Vaughn - Computer Science
Office: VBRH M-17
Phone: 256.824.6100
Email: ray.vaughn@uah.edu

Russ Ward - Office of Information Technology
Phone: 256.824.2623
Email: russ.ward@uah.edu

Sam Yoo - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office: EB 217D
Phone: 256.824.6858
Email: yoos@uah.edu

Feng Zhu - Computer Science
Office: TH N346
Phone: 256.824.6255
Email: feng.zhu@uah.edu

Research Areas: Networks and Security
Faculty Website