Join the Matzkin Lab

The Matzkin lab is currently looking for dedicated memwelcomebers at all levels:undergraduate students, graduate students (MS and PhD) as well as postdoctoral associates. The nature of our work is quite broad, field-work, life history evolution, physiology, populations and evolutionary genetics, ecological genomics, transcriptomics, and bioinformatics, therefore all interested and dedicated applicants are welcomed.



Currently there is no funding for new postdoctoral associates, although we are waiting to hear from several proposals under review (stay tuned). If you are interested in joining the lab as a postodc please contact me regarding possible sources of support (fellowships, grants, etc). I would glady support and work with you on a proposal. Below is a list of possble sources of postdoctoral funding:


Graduate Students

Perpective graduate students interested in any aspect of our research should contact me before applying to the program (either MS or PhD). I am currently accepting both MS and PhD students to the lab. The MS program is based in the Department of Biologial Sciences (click here for more information). The Department of Biological Sciences is also a member of the Biotechnology Science and Engineering PhD program (click here for more information). Currently funding is available through Graduate Teaching Assistanships, but it is limited, so please contact me early in your application process. There are many additional sources of funding for graduate students, please see the list below:


Undergraduate Students

The success of the lab has always been dependent on the work of our undergraduate students. Involvement in research as an undergraduate is an important component of an undergraduate's education. It allows students to see the process of science and in many instances it effects future career goals. In fact it is my research experience as an undergraduate at UC Irvine which largely fueled my desire to be an evolutionary biologist. The lab is always looking for dedicated students, no experience necessary. Please contact me if you would like to join.

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