Alumni Association Board of DirectorsUAH Alumni Association Board of Directors

We are One!  We are Chargers!
As of 10/1/13, All Alumni become Members of the UAH Alumni Association.
Alumni Association Membership Changes 
It is a new day for the UAH Alumni Association.  As of October 1st, 2013, the  UAH  Alumni Association will no longer require dues for membership.  All alumni will be members by virtue of their graduation from The University of Alabama in Huntsville.  Those who attended UAH but did not graduate may also join the association by opting in on the association's website.  These changes promise to enhance the unity and spirit among Charger alumni.  We invite all alumni to get involved and help us propel our alumni association into the future with enthusiasm.

Photo Gallery of Alumni Events and Activities

UAH Alumni Association Mission:

The mission of the UAH Alumni Association is to continually build and grow an organization of devoted and proud UAH graduates committed to preserving and promoting the rich history and traditions of the University of Alabama in Huntsville.  The UAH Alumni Association is dedicated to being an organization that all alumni, faculty, students and the greater community can become connected to and feel welcomed within at all times, working together to promote affection and pride in our alma mater, UAH.


Open and Honest Communication
Responsibility Taken and Fulfilled
Devotion and Dedication to the Mission of the Alumni Association and to UAH
Trust and Integrity
Pride in our University, UAH

Strategic Goals:

  1. Improve communication with alumni

  2. Build pride and school spirit

  3. Provide diverse offerings and programs

  4. Grow alumni association funding to better assist the university

  5. Develop alumni loyalty